Why do I need beard products?

Why do I need beard products?

If you are reading this, you either have a beard, want a beard, or know someone with a beard. 

There are many benefits to having a beard, but growing one can come with lots of frustration. They can be very itchy, scraggly, and dry if not properly managed. That is where our products come in to play. By using all natural products like ours, you can solve all of those problems fast, and be on your way to growing your absolute best beard!
Check out this picture of Reese Richards, the owner and creator of Bearded Outdoors beard products. He has been using them since he created them in 2016. 
There are many different products on the market, so choosing what is right for you can be difficult. It was our goal to keep ours as simple as possible. Simple ingredients and simple application. It only takes three steps to apply and will hardly add on any time to your daily regimen. We recommend using our 2-in-1 Cleansing and Conditioning Spray when you shower, and/or in the morning when getting ready for your day, then follow with our beard oil and beard balm. Use the oil after every wash, and only use the balm to style for your day, not before bed. (No need to style to sleep.) 

Benefits of using our products daily:

  • Softer beard
  • Less breakage
  • Tame flyaways
  • No more pillow itch
  • Fuller beard
  • Faster growth
  • Better skin health
  • No dandruff
  • Smell great!
  • Happier significant other!

Other benefits of buying our beard products:

  • Supporting a faith based small business
  • Every bottle is hand poured by the owners
  • Every recipe was created by the owners 
  • Every batch made is personally tested by Reese Richards to guarantee best quality
  • We use 100% natural ingredients and do not use any fillers or chemicals
  • 100% money back gauranteed
  • 15% off all of the time for military, veterans, and first responders

Still not sure if you're convinced? 

Either try our Sample Pack which comes with $5 off of your next purchase, or go all in and purchase your favorite scent with our Full Beard Care Pack and if you don't like it after 30 days, we will give you 100% of your money back! We promise this is a small investment with a huge return!

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