Our Story

How it all Got Started

Told by Amber Richards (Reese’s wife)

It all began in 2017, my husband, Reese Richards, had an idea. He sat down at our kitchen table after working a long 10 hour day as a first year electrical apprentice. He had mentioned wanting a new decal of some sort to put on the back of his truck, but couldn't quite find something that satisfied him. He remembered a radio ad from a local shop that said they do custom decals, so he decided to design his own and bring it up to them, hoping they could make it work. By design, I mean draw on a piece of scrap paper with a pencil. 

Reese wanted his decal to represent something that he loved. He came up with deer hunting and his beard. So, he got to doodling. Gosh I wish we still had that original drawing. He brought his artwork up to that local shop the next evening and the gentlemen was able to turn it into a digital image and print the decal. He also told him how cool it was and that he might have something here, but Reese didn't think much about it at the time. He was just proud to sport something unique that he designed around their small town on his truck! 

Now let’s fast forward. A few months later, our first baby was about to be due so it was time to upgrade the small truck for a bigger one. Sadly, the decal went with it, and he never got another one. Baby came, and I'm sure you know how crazy life with a newborn can be, so our minds were preoccupied with our first little miracle. A few months later however, I went back to work part time, and Reese was still chuggin away at his apprenticeship. I was driving home one day, and I'll never forget exactly where I was and how I felt. I'm telling you, God spoke to me. It was a whisper, but nonetheless, it happened. 

Out of nowhere, after months of not thinking about it, that image of the beard and antlers Reese drew popped up in my head. The Holy Spirit told me that we need to pursue this. Without hesitation, I called Reese as I knew he'd be driving home from work as well, and I told him exactly what I felt, and that he needs to see if they still have his image on file. If so, to have them embroider it on a hat. I think he was more excited at the time about getting a new hat, but either way, he was on board and went straight there before coming home. Heather gray front, black mesh back, Richardson 112 snapback. "The Original" hat was born. 

You can bet that he wore this hat everywhere! The idea was, let's see what kind of reactions we get when friends, family, and strangers see this design. He couldn’t walk through Walmart without someone saying "Hey, nice hat!" and asking where they could get one. That feeling was very exciting and we knew we had something special. With this not being trademarked however, we were very careful about how we presented it.

He began to take orders from work buddies and close friends. We couldn’t afford to do bulk, so the hats were custom made to order when we started. We decided to save every dollar from the hats we were selling to put towards our first trademark. About a month or so later we had enough and began the trademark process. (As of today, we are proud owners of both our name and our logo.)

Orders were increasing and getting difficult to keep track of, so he decided it was time to create a website. Reese has always been a "do it yourselfer," so everything you see today was created or designed by either him or myself. Than came a Facebook page, and a soon after we decided to create a team. Things were growing fast and we were so excited with what God was doing! 

Now as far as those amazing beard products you all love so much go, those were not in Reese's plan, but they were in His. Let me explain. Approximately two years prior to the thought of this company, Reese created his own personal use beard products. This was due to a combination of quality products were expensive, and he wasn't satisfied with any of the brands he tried. Even some of the most well known products out there today left his beard feeling dry. Well, he formulated his own, and loved them so much, but never had any intention of selling them. 

To be continued....




God Is Good