Products We Recommend For Your Beard and How to Use Them

Products We Recommend For Your Beard and How to Use Them


I get it. You're a man. You want simple, fast, to the point, non complicated stuff. In case you're wondering, I am just like you. Years ago I struggled to grow my beard out. I couldn't stand the itch, so I'd shave it off and start over. And there was always that awkward, patchy stage, you know what I'm talking about. When I showered, I used one product from head to toe. I mean, hair is hair, right? WRONG. One day I decided to dip my toes into the beard product world and ordered some samples from a few different leading companies. I could instantly tell a big difference in my beard, but I still felt like it could be better, so after trying them all and not finding anything I thought was great, I decided to formulate my own. It was never in my plans to create them to sell, but the Lord gave me a platform, hence Bearded Outdoors, to share my products with thousands and thousands of people. If you think you are too manly, or your beard is just fine without products, I want to ask you to reconsider and try my products because sometimes it is possible to make something great, even greater. 

Click here to shop our different products or continue to read on how simple they are to apply. To sweeten the deal, try them out for 30 days and if you decide they aren't for you, let us know and we will refund your purchase. That is how much we believe in our products.

Step one: Keeping it clean.

Let me guess, you are either using one of two things to clean your beard right now: a two in one soap that you wash your hair and body with, or your lady's shampoo and conditioner. These are so bad for your beard in so many ways. Beard hair is different from all other hair, so you need a special product to clean it, or you're just going to damage it. If your truck calls for 10w-30 synthetic oil, you wouldn't go and get 20w-50 conventional oil would you!? If you want a change you need to make a change. Our 2-in-1 Cleansing and Conditioning Spray needs to be your new go to and here is why. It's so easy to use, just shake, spritz straight into your beard, massage into beard hairs and under skin, and rinse. That's it. This one of a kind product, alone, will help your beard. It is perfectly formulated with our oil blend so as you wash out the oil, grease and dirt from the day, you are not stripping it dry.


Step two: Keeping it moist.

Forgive us if that word makes you cringe. We've never understood that ourselves, but regardless, our apologies. Moisture is key when it comes to a beard. Insert beard oil. Once you are done with step one, you must follow with this product. I don't care if you have a 1/4 inch beard or an 83 inch beard, this step needs to happen by all. While your beard is still damp after cleansing and rinsing, drop a dime to quarter size of the oil into your palms and rub together. Apply to your skin that the beard grows from first, then rub the remainder through your hairs. Sounds crazy putting oil directly on the skin, huh. We promise that this is how you are supposed to use this product and it will not clog your pores or break you out. We can make this promise because we truly do use 100% natural oils that have many benefits for your skin. When you keep your skin happy, it will do your beard so much good, including faster and thicker growth. Isn't that what everyone wants?


Step three: Keeping it tame.

I can't stand when I see what could potentially be a nice beard, unruly and wild. Beards are manly. Where do you get the idea that it makes you less of a man to keep it looking nice? I ask this question because it's one of the most common statements that we hear when talking to men about beard products. Our beard balm is formulated with our oil blend for moisture, as well as beeswax and shea butter. Scrape a small amount using the back of your thumbnail (or whatever is easiest), rub into your palms to heat up and activate the oils, and rub through your beard hair only. The amount used will depend on the size of your beard. If you have a very short beard, this product may not be necessary for you. The only true way to tell is to try it out and see if you notice a difference. Our samples are perfect for that. 


Step 4: Put the plastic down!

As soon as you read this, I want you to go to your bathroom (or wherever you get ready) and throw away your plastic combs. You're better off not combing your beard at all, then combing it with plastic. Here's why: When plastic is molded together in the factory, there are tiny microscopic burs that you cannot see with your naked eye that are on every tooth of the comb. So just imagine taking a very very dull knife to your beard as you are combing it. This reason alone should be enough to get you to stop using plastic, but in case it isn't, here are a few more reasons:

  • Creates static, which turns to breakage
  • Creates frizz
  • Split ends

Reason's why wood combs are the way to go:

  • Wood combs are smooth and gentle to the hairs
  • Massages the skin underneath which promotes growth
  • Absorbs the moistures from the oils as you use it so over time is increases moisture
  • Will not create static electricity 
  • Cuts down on frizz
  • Wood combs are stronger and will last you 10x longer 

We offer two different types of wood combs: Wide tooth and thin tooth. If you have a thicker, longer beard, we would suggest to use the wide tooth, and if you have a shorter, thinner beard, use the thin tooth. 

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