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Bearded Outdoors

Beard Wash

Beard Wash

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This is hands down our most unique product, and it was an accidental creation! (Aren’t all good inventions accidental?!) We wanted to keep this product as natural and undiluted as possible, which required it so be more liquid than solid, as most soaps are. So, we got crafty and used a spray bottle and it works beautifully! Just spritz onto your beard while in the shower, massage through, and rinse! And, because we added our all-natural oil blend to this formula, it perfectly moisturizes as it cleans! NO EXTRA CONDITIONER NEEDED! (Seriously, stop using your lady’s conditioner!)
This product can be used on any beard, no matter the length! 
Now in three scents to choose from: Natural Scent (unscented), Eucalyptus, and Vanilla


Why you need this cleanser:

  • Eliminate product waste!
  • 2 products in 1 (saves money & time)!
  • Will not strip your beards natural oils!
  • Easy to use & travel with!
  • No harsh chemicals!
  • Love it or your money back!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I like to use a variety of beard products, but I must say that the shampoo/conditioner combo from Bearded Outdoors is one of my favorites. It’s a really nice combination of cleansing and conditioning properties. The spray bottle makes for a unique, easy-to-use experience as well. Give it a try!

Ryan Parsons
Amazing Beard Care Products!!

The Beard Wash & Conditioner is an amazing product. It's part of my every day shower routine. Thanks Bearded Outdoors!

Maygan Hampton
Best products for your beard !

Well , first. It smells amazing , secondly it has made my hubby's beard so soft , shiny and healthy ! It smells so good too ! Scent last all day and some. They do have products (in camo bottles) that you can still use when you go hunting. I 10/10 recommend their products. Kinda jealous they don't have products for the ladies 😂 I don't have a favorite scent because they all smell amazing ! 😉

Tyler Walker
Best Beard Wash

I have used a bunch of different beard washes and these are the best you can get. My beard feels great after I shower and then I pair it with one of the great scented oils!

Dale Wells
Highly recommend

I love this product, ever since starting to use the beard wash my beard appears to be thicker and fuller than before, and the smell is fantastic. I highly recommend this product for keeping your beard fresh, clean and smelling great