Bearded Outdoors is a show that was created with faith, beards, and the great outdoors in mind. Reese began this show because of his love for filming and the hunt. Too many times he would come home and share the hunt with his wife and because he never had any visuals, he decided to start creating them by filming. He taught himself everything he knows and now can share that with not just his wife and children, but the whole world.


Seek and Find Outdoor TV was founded by Scott Hinnant, owner of Conviction Outdoors, and Reese and Amber Richards, owners of Bearded Outdoors. These two companies, and great friends, came together to create real life outdoor episodes. Their idea was to show that hunting doesn't always mean harvesting, but also, all the work put in to lead up to those harvests, and those seasons you go without a single one. Enjoy with the whole family!