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    Absolutely an amazing product. This is definitely a must have for me. No more crazy, all over the place, beard! Great scent, and smells just like earth. If you hunt, this is what you’ve been looking for! P.s - try “In the Saddle” too, another favorite.

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    I love this product, ever since starting to use the beard wash my beard appears to be thicker and fuller than before, and the smell is fantastic. I highly recommend this product for keeping your beard fresh, clean and smelling great

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    I have used a bunch of different beard washes and these are the best you can get. My beard feels great after I shower and then I pair it with one of the great scented oils!

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    If you haven’t order this yet, what are you waiting on??? I knew it would smell good, but when I popped the top, all I can say is WOW!!! This is definitely my new favorite scent…. And added benefit, the wife loves it also!!!

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