About Us

About Bearded Outdoors

Bearded Outdoors began in 2017, only a couple of months after their first child was born. The owners were not seeking to start a business and become entrepreneurs, as they had enough on their plate. It was never in “their” plans, but the Lord had other plans. It started with Reese sitting at their kitchen table, doodling a design he thought would look cool as a decal on his truck. Several months later he designed his first personal hat to wear, and every person who saw it would ask where they could get one! They took custom orders and saved every dollar from the profit until they could afford the first trademark. Soon after that, the website was born, beard products were introduced, and a team was formed. Business grew like a wildfire!
“We always get asked, where do we see Bearded Outdoors in a few years, and to be honest, it’s a hard question to answer. We didn’t ask for this company, the Lord gave it to us, so only He knows. We are just along for the ride, praying on every move, obeying Him, and having fun!” -owners Reese & Amber Richards


About the Owners

Reese Richards was born January 10, 1990, in Allen Park, Michigan. His family moved to Inverness, Florida where he completed his senior year of high school in 2008. He moved to Gainesville, Florida to attend college.

Amber Richards (Schwieterman) was born July 23, 1989 in Tampa, Florida. Her family moved to rural Trenton, Florida in 1997, and has remained there since. She also attended college in Gainesville, Florida.
Reese and Amber Richards met in 2009, both 19 years old, while they were each out with some friends. No one has been able to separate the two since! They later moved to Cocoa, Florida, where they became engaged to wed in 2013, and married in 2014 back in Gainesville.

Reese and Amber had their first child in 2017, Jase Reese, and their second child in 2020, June Lorraine.


Their Faith

Neither Reese nor Amber grew up in a biblical household. Church just wasn’t really a thing that either of their families did. So, when they met at just 19 years old, you could imagine how far the two were from God. They were lost. God definitely knew what He was doing though. Looking back, every step was in His plan to bring these two together. We could write a book on that. But for now, I, Amber, will tell the short story:

“I’ll never forget the events when we started to become interested in attending church. It’s quite comical! We were about to move, (if you know us, this was a common thing), and we had watched a Madea movie. Who doesn’t love a good Madea movie?! At the end, they were in church and the choir was singing, and it just made you feel good. Reese had said to me, “I want to go to a fun church like that.” I thought, really? Well, fast forward another year, no church attended. Than, we were about to make another move, this time to Cocoa, and we met a strange man, named Angel, and I’m pretty sure he truly was an angel sent from God. He was bold, and just radiated Jesus’s love! He asked Reese and I if he could share the gospel, so we listened, and than he prayed with and for us. I believe it was than that the Holy Spirit entered both of our lives. After we moved, we fulfilled our promise to Angel and found a church to attend regularly. However, our flesh still did not want to fully give up some things. 

Fast forward a couple of years to 2015. We began a new traveling journey, and stopped to visit an old family friend, Gordon Dasher, in West Monroe, Louisiana. (Gordon was my 8th grade English teacher in 2002.) That first night he ended up baptizing both Reese and I in the dark, rainy, chilly, Ouchita River in front of Phil and Kay Robertsons house. (Oh yeah, did I mention he was related to the Duck Dynasty clan?) Phil and Kay, as well as Gordon’s wife (Phil’s sister), Jan, were all present during the baptism. What a monumental moment for us and one we truly will hold in our hearts forever!” 

Today, Reese and Amber’s faith is stronger than ever. They are both walking testimonies of what God’s love can do. What constant prayer and faith can do. They always encourage, if you need someone to talk to or ask questions about your faith, God, the Bible, or anything, please contact them and they will be more than willing to share and talk!