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Give your beard the care it deserves and bundle up to save even more! With this care pack you’ll receive our handcrafted, all natural beard oil, beard balm, & our 2 in 1 beard spray cleanser & conditioner, as well as our engraved wooden beard comb! Just choose your scent and the size! 

 BEARD OIL vs. BEARD BALM: What they are, the differences and why your beard needs both!

Beard oil- We formulated the perfect blend of three all-natural carrier oils: avocado, almond, and jojoba. Each one has its own benefits for your beard, and together they work magically to create fullness and softness! The oil is to be applied first on the pores of your face that the beard grows from. You can rub any remainder from your hands onto the hairs as well for added scent. (We purposely make the oils to have a stronger scent than the balm.)

Beard balm- This is a waxy/buttery substance made with our beard oil blend, as well as beeswax and shea butter. The balm is to be applied directly to the beard hairs. This is to protect, condition, and help your beard remain “styled” throughout the day.

2-IN-1 BEARD CLEANSING & CONDITIONING SPRAY: You read that right! This is hands down our most unique product, and it was an accidental creation! (Aren’t all good inventions accidental?!) We wanted to keep this product as natural and undiluted as possible, which required it so be more liquid than solid, as most soaps are. So, we got crafty and used a spray bottle and it works beautifully! Just spritz onto your beard while in the shower, massage through, and rinse! And, because we added our all-natural oil blend to this formula, it perfectly moisturizes as it cleans! NO EXTRA CONDITIONER NEEDED! (Seriously, stop using your lady’s conditioner!) Comes in two options: Natural scent and Eucalyptus.

If you need a more in depth breakdown of how each product works and exactly what it will do for you, read this article --> Products We Recommend For Your Beard and How to Use Them.

In the Pines This was our first and only scent for the entire first year we were in business! It is truly an amazing mix of pine & eucalyptus essential oils, and it is still our top seller, enjoyed by all of our bearded friends year-round!

In the Tropics Our second scent ever created. This blend of grapefruit and vanilla will take you by surprise! Close your eyes, take in one breath, and go to the beach!

In the Saddle This scent made its debut as of June 2020 and has given us record sales in record time! We crafted the perfect mix of sweet tobacco and leather! This is a must try for every beard! We have heard from many that have taken a whiff that it smells like walking into a boot store!

In the Cloves Currently a seasonal scent! We use thieves oil which has hints of clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus which make the perfect cool weather blend! It also has many benefiting factors for cleansing and immunity!

In the Stand As an outdoor company who makes beard products, it was essential to us to create a scent that can be worn while hunting! This light earthy scent is a must for every bearded hunter!

Red, White and BlueberriesWe welcomed spring 2021 with our newest scent: Red, White & Blueberries! This perfect blend of blueberries and lemon will leave your beard so soft and smelling fresh all day! Inspired by our favorite blueberry farm, Red, White and Blues Farm located in Williston, Florida.

[We are a small, FAMILY owned and operated FAITH based business. We offer 100% money back guarantee, and we have a 365 day Military, Veteran, and First Responder discount.]

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