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Bearded Outdoors

Beard Comb made from Fine Cherry Wood

Beard Comb made from Fine Cherry Wood

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Custom Bearded Outdoors beard comb! Made from fine cherry wood, engraved with our logo! Choose between the thin or wide teeth, depending on the size of your beard. Both are perfect size to fit in your pocket! 4”x 2”

Why should you choose this wooden comb?

  • Built to last
  • Reduce static electricity (#1 cause of breakage)
  • Increase beard shine 
  • Natural wood helps to condition hair fibers
  • Won’t pull or break the hair like a plastic comb does
  • Boosts blood circulation in the skin below the beard, which improves hair growth
  • Removes dirt & foreign particles better than plastic
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brad Collings
Must have

I love this thing. I never knew how much different a wooden comb would be in the beard. Won't use anything else!

Drew Owens
Great comb

Great comb don't snag and leaves my beard feeling amazing. This comb is by far the best comb I've ever used.

Randall Smith

This comb is awesome. The teeth glide through my beard it is light but strong. Among the best combs I have ever used

Jeremy Davis
Finally a great comb

This is the Last comb i will ever buy. the teeth arent too close together where it grabs to everything and breaks easy. this is a very well made comb with wide channels that i love. it fits well in the hand and of coarse has an awesome logo on it.

Ben Albee
Great Comb Great Price

I've had many different beard combs and this one is absolutely great!