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In The Pines - Pine & Eucalyptus

In The Pines - Pine & Eucalyptus

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This was our first and only scent for the entire first year we were in business! It is truly an amazing and refreshing mix of pine & eucalyptus essential oils, and it is still our top seller, enjoyed by all of our bearded friends year-round!

What they are, the differences and why your beard needs both!
Beard oil- We formulated the perfect blend of three all-natural carrier oils: avocado, almond, and jojoba. Each one has its own benefits for your beard, and together they work magically to create fullness and softness! The oil is to be applied first on the pores of your face that the beard grows from. You can rub any remainder from your hands onto the hairs as well for added scent. (We purposely make the oils to have a stronger scent than the balm.)
Beard balm- This is a waxy/buttery substance made with our beard oil blend, as well as beeswax and shea butter. The balm is to be applied directly to the beard hairs. This is to protect, condition, and help your beard remain “styled” throughout the day.  
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rolando Rangel
Great Products

These folks came highly recommended to me and their stuff is definitely worth it. I really enjoy their products.

Brett Kelsay
Best beard ever!

Met Reese at the Big Buck Expo this weekend and picked up my first kit of beard products. Three short days later, my beard feels better than it ever has! I don’t have bed itch, irritation, or an out of control beard. I have even received more compliments in the past two days than ever before. Thanks guys! It was great meeting you, I will highly recommend all of your products to my fellow bearded outdoorsmen!

(Copied from Facebook July, 2019)

Toby Tobias
Best beard products I've used

I've tried numerous other products but they've all left me wanting more until I tried the "In the Pines" beard cleanser and balm. The other stuff either did nothing or left my beard very oily. Not the Bearded Outdoors products! I'm hooked.

Jason Rhinehart
my favorite

love the In The Pines balm and oil. Great company Great products