Prostaff Team



Randall Smith

Beaufort, South Carolina

 I grew up in the mountains of Virginia and my passion for the outdoors started at a very young age. My parents and grandparents would take me fishing as a toddler and as I grew older you could find me on the water. I received my first bow when I was six years old and a new love was found.
The Marine Corps took me around the world where I gained a lot of experiences which eventually planted me in the low-country of South Carolina. I now reside here with my wife of almost fourteen years and my five children, four girls and my youngest, a little boy. We enjoy archery, hunting, fishing, and the outdoors together. South Carolina is also where my relationship with Jesus Christ began. Six years ago I realized I was broken and could not do this on my own, I needed a savior. I asked him to save me and my life was changed ever since. I volunteer with multiple ministries now at my local church.I found Bearded Outdoors several months ago through a faith based outdoors company on Facebook. I was immediately impressed with the message and gear Bearded Outdoors presented. Now I could grow a beard since leaving the Marine corps, I fit right in. I am a Christian that loves the outdoors and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with everyone. I look forward to growing this brand, this beard, and the kingdom of Christ.God bless 

Andy Albalat

Plantation, Florida

Andy Albalat was born and raised in south Florida. At a young age he was surrounded by an obsession for the outdoors. Andy, his dad and uncle were always hunting if they were not fishing. He followed his dad and uncle in the ways of an outdoorsman. Andy says whether they know it or not, they made him the hunter he is today. He believes it is now his turn to do the same with his son. He is looking forward to fishing with his son so he can teach him to drive the boat and taking him hunting so he can learn to drive the truck. Andy believes teaching him to do things like this such as cleaning a deer after a kill will carry on the family hunting tradition. He is a passionate bow hunter and invests many hours behind his Hoyt bow. Though Andy loves rifle hunting, he believes the reward of a bow harvest is second to none . What he harvests they eat at the Albalat residence. " It is a must to respect God for allowing us to hunt on his lands . I try to spread these ways through out my fellow hunters . Freezers full so come and have a meal . This shows my son what it is to be a hunter . It also shows him how to be a butcher . All in hopes of one day he can do the teachings himself . Good luck in the outdoors my friends and remember to share the fruits of your labor. " - Andy Albalat -


Drake Long

Mariposa, California

Drake Long lives in the central California Mountains just outside of Yosemite National Park. He is married to the light of his life and high school sweetheart. He has two wonderful children, ages four and a half and one and a half. As a family, they all enjoy the outdoors. Drake grew up trout fishing with his father and grandfather at their family cabin in the high country. As he grew older he started bass fishing with friends on the weekends. Eventually he started fly fishing which is now his passion. Drake spends the spring, summer and fall traveling the central and eastern Sierra Nevada mountains catching fish to take home to his wife and kids. During the fall he spends his days off of work hiking the canyons after the elusive California black tail. He finally harvested his first black tail in 2018. In the spring time he fishes, turkey hunts and tries to squeeze in some dove and quail hunts as well. He also enjoys going on long hikes and backpacking trips into the California back country to fly fish high mountain streams and lakes. " I am pleased to be a part of this team and I am excited to continue to bring this brand to the other outdoorsmen in the country!  I work in the outdoors as a Consulting Utility forester so I get to spend each and every day out hiking and enjoying the beautiful world god created. I found Bearded Outdoors on Instagram back in August of 2018 and joined the team in September 2018. I just want to thank Amber and Reese for giving me this opportunity to represent their brand and become part of the family. This company has brought me close to people from all around the country and has formed friendships that will last a lifetime! I am proud to be a Pro Staff Member for Bearded Outdoors!!! " -Drake Long-

Jimmy Clanin

Austin, Texas

A healthy love of the outdoors was instilled in Jimmy from a young age by his grandpa. He grew up in a small town in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas called Mena. Mena is the quintessential “one horse town” and Jimmy lived several miles outside of it. Jimmys family was blessed with woods, mountains, streams, and ponds all around them. Hunting, fishing, and exploring just came naturally to Jimmy, his younger brother and sister. They would ride bikes with fishing poles or shotguns on the handle bars – looking for an adventure. Back then, he was lucky to see a couple of deer all season and really lucky to get an opportunity at one. In fact, he didn’t kill his first deer until he was well out of his moms house. Jimmy grew up very humbly and struggled as his mom did the whole show on her own. They never had much but were taught values, safety, hunting, fishing. Most importantly they were taught about Jesus’s sacrifice. Things are quite a bit different for Jimmy now. He vowed to always be there for his kids. Jimmy and his wife Marci are enjoying their eleventh year of marriage. They are committed to staying together until death does them apart. They believe in the sanctity of marriage and the traditional family unit. He is blessed to be on a nice fourteen hundred acre lease in Live Oak County, South Texas. They have hogs, rabbits, dove, coyotes, sandhill cranes, whitetail deer, rio grande turkey, and the occasional javelina. He has hunted in Kansas the last couple of years but gave it up to buy his own piece of ground in NE Texas. Jimmys passions are whitetail, turkey, and fishing. Although, he really want to get into Western hunting. He is currently buying preference points in Wyoming for pronghorn, elk, and mule deer. " I feel humbled and grateful to have been given the opportunity represent Bearded Outdoors as a PROSTAFF hunter/fisherman. I do not take it lightly and I hope I can live up to the expectations. " - Jimmy Clanin -



Hunter Fears

Underwood, North Dakota

Hunter Fears is from the small town of Riverdale, North Dakota where he has a fiance’ and a baby boy on the way. Hunter is an electrician, avid hunter and fisherman. When he is not at work he spends much of his time on the water and land surrounding his house. He has one of the largest man made lakes in his backyard, known as lake Sakakawea. The head of the Missouri River is his front yard. All of this water is covered with beautiful hunting land open to the public. He hunts everything from squirrels all the way up to moose and even elk. He also fishes for everything from smelt to prehistoric paddle fish that can weigh over one hundred pounds. Hunter loves the outdoors and it is a huge part of his life.

Layton Sears

Chiefland, Florida

Layton Sears was born in Dothan, Alabama and then raised in Chiefland, Florida. He grew up hunting and fishing with his father, grandfather and the rest of his family. When he graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps and was stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina. Layton continued enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. After he completed his five year contract, he returned home and met a great friend, Reese Richards. Together, they shared a love for the Lord, the beauty of beards and the great outdoors. “Hello everyone. My name is Layton Sears and I have the wonderful opportunity to be a member of Bearded Outdoors and their Pro-Staff. I am honored to be a part of Bearded Outdoors and hope to continue the healing powers of faith in our lord above and his creation we live on today.” -Layton Sears-