What Dad Taught Me

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What Dad Taught Me

I believe that who we become, when we grow up, is because of what our fathers have taught us and demonstrated for us throughout our whole lives. Our fathers have given us some of the greatest gifts; love, encouragement, a helping hand & all of their lessons and knowledge of life. This day is to celebrate our fathers, their fathers, and in some cases being a father ourselves! For years we have learned things from the men in our lives that have been passed down from generation to generation and things that we can be hopeful enough to continue to carry on in our own families to keep the traditions going. We show our gratitude to all of the men out there who have taken on the role and tackled one of the hardest jobs that there is, no matter how they may have ended up in the picture!

From the Bearded Outdoors Prostaff and Fieldstaff, we give you a glimpse into our lives with the fathers who came before us, some of the things that they have taught us and what we are sharing with our own children.

Happy and Blessed Father’s Day from all of us to all of you!



This was my dad and I with my first deer. Not a great picture but he’s taught me 95% of everything I’ve ever learned about hunting and fishing

Prostaffer Kyler Boone Heady



Lost my dad in 2010, he wasn't big on getting his picture taken. Miss him dearly.

Fieldstaffer Scott Skinner


My dad and I in 2017, opening day. He has taught me the love of the outdoors and that hunting is MORE than a harvest.  I didn't understand it at first as he had a 20+ year streak of getting a buck, but then didn't get one for 6 years and his passion/enthusiasm never changed! I had a 15 year streak end in 2019 and then I truly understood as I had just as much fun and fulfillment just being out there and spending time with family/friends.

Prostaffer Toby Tobias


My dad has never been a hunter or fisherman but he has always supported me in my adventures.

Prostaffer Clayton Barnhart


My dad and my boy lining in hunting rifles and the only photo I can find of my dad and myself.

Prostaffer Marcus Sites


Me and my dad in 2019. Elk springs Colorado bull elk. My pops has taught me how to be a family man and to always set a good example for my kids!

Prostaffer Drake Long



Me and my dad with my 2020 buck and my dad and my three kids with his 2020 buck!

Is it too generic to say he taught me everything? He has taught me first of all how to be a great dad! He’s taught me faith first then family and the rest isn’t important. One of the greatest things about him is he leads by example. There have been few “talks” explaining what he’s taught me, but he has been a constant unwavering example of what it means to be a Dad and a husband. My passion for the great outdoors is solely because of him. He taught me everything I know about the woods and the water!

Fieldstaffer Derek Bailey


My oldest son, his pawpaws and his great grandpa.

Fieldstaffer Derek Bailey


My father in law and myself last year deer hunting. Last year was my first year deer hunting. I didn’t harvest anything but having him there meant so much more than actually harvesting anything. I met my wife 7 years ago and whenever her and I met, I didn’t really have a dad. My dad has been kinda absent for a little bit of my life and so he’s really stepped up to the plate and taught me so many things in the last 7 years than my dad has ever taught me in 22 years. I’m very thankful for him and the time we spend together in the outdoors. He keeps telling me that he’s very excited to go deer hunting again this year, I think he’s a little bit more excited than I am. Thank you for stepping up and being my dad, when mine failed to be a dad. I love you.

Fieldstaffer Dalen Reed



Dad helping me clean my first whitetail buck in Texas. This man has taught me everything I know!

Prostaffer Joseph Luna


My grandfather on the right.

Fieldstaffer Bill Buggert


This is my grandfather, and my daughter. My grandpa is the the one who taught me everything about the outdoors!

Fieldstaffer Dustin Whorley


This is me, my dad, and two of our friends. I am the one in the back right, my dad is front left with his first archery buck. This was two years ago. I had an awesome place to hunt. The Monday before Thanksgiving I took dad to show him where it was and check cameras. The next day he called and said I got off work early, you care if I go to your stand? I said no go ahead, he sat there for 30 mins, that big 10 point walked in at 21 yards broadside, Dad put a perfect shot on him, and he run right to the truck. Lol.

Fieldstaffer Beau Bishop


I have always loved fishing with my dad. I remember doing that at a very young age. My dad tried to get me into hunting when I was young, but I honestly didn’t show much interest. I didn’t actually start hunting until I was 20. It’s been 11 years since, and my dad has taught me everything I know and love about the outdoors. This was the first time we actually sat in a tree, bow hunting together. We didn’t see much or shoot anything, but the memories are there forever.

Fieldstaffer John-Michael Harris

Top: My daughter is only 8 months old but I’m outside with her almost every day trying to instill the love of the outdoors.

Bottom: Me my dad and brother sighting in our bows before last season.

Fieldstaffer John-Michael Harris


Photo provided by Prostaffer Andy Albalat.



Me and Tuck with his first deer, we love hunting together. The old man doesn’t hunt much anymore and it seems like we never get pictures together.

Prostaffer Tyler Walker


Hes taught me everything I know. He’s always there when I need him whether it be hunting or anything else. He’s truly one of a kind.

Fieldstaffer Kyle Burns


This is me and my husband, Stephen. Being with him has introduced me to the great outdoors on a whole new level. Having two little boys (& expecting our first girl is September) I love getting to watch him instill his lessons & love for the great outdoors with them now too!

Prostaffer Victoria Bush


The top picture is my father-in-law Bill with our oldest and on the bottom one is my dad with my two sons. These men have gone above and beyond for me, my husband and our children in all ways. Whether it be in learning a hard lesson in adulthood, hunting or just how to try & be the best parent that we can be, even on the hard days, these guys are our number ones. We wouldn’t be who we are today without either of them!

Prostaffer Victoria Bush


We lost my dad in early 2014 to cancer but he was the strongest man I knew and my best friend, he taught me about hunting and fishing from my early childhood and how to live. It was hard to say goodbye to him and Father’s Day is always a little tough, but I know through my dad’s salvation that he is in heaven, living his best life.

Fieldstaffer Clayton Keene

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